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Synoptic 3-Process Model

There are actually 3 inter-related ‘business process’ types found in ANY organisation. Key to effective management (and thus ROI) is the ability to recognise these 3 as distinctly different yet inter-related, and then the ability to leverage them. Synoptic is unique in this respect. Let us expand on each one.

The Transactional Process (a.k.a. the ‘business process’)

This one’s well known; it transforms labour and raw material into finished products / services.

The Management Process (a.k.a. the ‘process of management’)

One that’s habitually overlooked. It maximises the likelihood of achieving the operational objectives of the Transactional Process. It causes costs and revenue to ‘happen’. More about this type of process can be found under our service offering ‘Operational Management Effectiveness’.

The Information Process (a.k.a. the ‘process of information’)

Defines the flow of information and hence the quality of the decision making from ‘shop floor to board room’. Symptoms of poor information quality are addressed by correcting the causes.

Weakness in any of these 3 processes results in diminished ROI. The following diagram illustrates the relationship between these 3 unique processes.

The Synoptic ‘3-Process Model’ illustrated